INZ crackdown on partnership visas

There has been a bit of reporting in the media lately around an apparent crackdown by INZ on partnership-based visas, with applicants and their advisers reporting higher rejection rates than ever before. The focus of such visas is ensuring that a couple have a genuine and stable relationship. When cases such as those of Aroha Raharui, who married Indian national Pankaj Badyal in October 2016, pop up in the media, reporting how Pankaj paid Aroha $8,000 as a bribe to keep their sham marriage going for his visa purposes, it’s no surprise that there has been a tightening of the processing of late.

The couple’s story appeared in the media in December last year, when they were apparently “heartbroken” at not being able to spend Christmas together, as Pankaj had been declined a partnership-based visa earlier in the month and was back in India. Immigration confirmed to the media that there was insufficient corroborating evidence to satisfy INZ that the couple met policy requirements of being in a genuine and stable relationship that was likely to endure. Four months later, they have appeared in the media again, this time with news of the $8,000 bribe paid by Pankaj to Aroha to keep the charade of their marriage up. It’s unfortunate that people like this are exploiting the system and making it hard for genuine applicants, who are playing by the rules.

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