Skilled Migrant Category resident visa

⃝        Are you aged between 20 and 55 years old?

⃝        Do you have full-time employment, for more than 30 hours per week?

⃝        Do you have the skills to do that job from your qualifications or work experience?

⃝        Do you earn at least $25.50 per hour (or $53,040 per year) in your job?

⃝        Do you have skilled work experience and/or a qualification recognised by INZ?

The Skilled Migrant Category Resident visa process is in two parts; first you lodge an Expression of Interest, outlining details of your circumstances and claiming points for your age, employment, work experience and/or qualification. You are then invited to apply for Residence and make an application supported by evidence of your employment, work experience and/or qualification.

You must have at least 160 points from your age, employment, work experience and/or qualification to be eligible to be invited to apply for Residence.

Your application can include your partner and children and there are health, character and English criteria to satisfy.

If successful, you will be granted a Resident visa and can apply for Permanent Residence after holding that Resident visa for 2 years.

Complete our free initial assessment and we can check whether you are eligible to apply for this visa type.