Benefits of engaging Goodhue Immigration

Up-to-date immigration policy knowledge: Immigration policy is regularly changed and updated – by engaging Goodhue Immigration to assist you with your immigration matter, you are getting the support and help of someone that keeps up to date with immigration policy and criteria as part of their job, giving you the assurance that you’re providing the right information to Immigration New Zealand in line with the current policy.

Save time: We’ll take care of all liaison with Immigration New Zealand regarding your immigration matter – no need for you to spend time on long-winded emails or waiting for hours to get through to the contact centre on the phone. More time for you to enjoy the relaxed Kiwi lifestyle that New Zealand has to offer instead!

Knowledge and experience: With more than 6 years of experience working at Immigration New Zealand, we know the ins and outs of the visa process and have a practical knowledge of immigration policy interpretation. Having worked within Immigration New Zealand, we know what an Immigration Officer is looking for in an application and can help you present your details with a view to a successful outcome.


Goodhue Immigration is keen to help you navigate an often complex and confusing process and ensure you get it right first time.